Pricing for our sweet tables, on average, runs around $900-$1,500 - depending on your preferences for the sweets you'd like featured!

Our base price is $700, for the design of the table, rental of all serving pieces, linen, printed photos, frames, and all custom decor! 


With regard to sweets for the table, you would have a few different options:

1. $7.50 Per Person We would be able to offer a lovely selection of color-coordinated sweets and treats, which would normally include : cupcakes, cake pops, hand-dipped cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and an assortment of jars filled with gum balls, chocolates, colored candy, candy sticks, rock candy, and more! 

2. a la carte : Alternatively, we offer you the option to hand-select the candy and dessert you'd like us to feature! For example : You could order our cupcakes / cake-pops by the dozen... and supplement with individual jars of the specific candy you have in mind for your event!

3. Provided by the Client : And lastly... we do offer our clients the option to provide the dessert and/or candy on their own! There is a $100 fee, for rental of whatever serving pieces needed to display any sweets provided by you. In some cases, our clients have family members who like to bake traditional desserts... or perhaps have an affiliation with a certain bakery... or maybe just a preference to order candy on their own! That would absolutely be an option, and would be the most economic, at $800.